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Message from Women’s Movement to Farmers

 Today women and men in the farmers’ struggle are standing shoulder to shoulder at the Delhi borders. This movement is a symbol in the history of India—a symbol of freedom, of voices, of ideas, of protests, of slogans, of resolutions. This is not just a farmers’ struggle; it is a joint campaign of all of us, of children, women and men. Each morsel that we eat is proof of your hard work. The manner in which you are all standing fearlessly against the three draconian anti-farm laws in the face of the government’s repressive policies, terrorizing attacks and the cruelty of those holding power is beyond comparison.  You have shown that the government cannot inflict policies and laws on farmers through force, water cannons and lathis. Indeed, it is the fundamental right of every citizen to oppose any policy that does not have the participation of women and men farmers.  Your struggle has filled the workers, farmers and common people of the country with a surge of hope. We stand with you in