Reclaim Connaught Place to Ensure Women's Freedom

When space for women has been shrinking in Delhi through incidents of sexual violence and incidents of Rapes, its time that the Women assert themselves and Reclaim all the space in and outside Delhi. Let us start to reclaim unqualified right of women to be free of violence -
At Home, In the Streets, Day or Night, Irrespective of What They Wear or Do!
Connaught place is an area which becomes extremely unsafe for women on the last day of every year i.e. 31st.while male enjoy every right to celebrate, it becomes impossible for women to share the same space because of the open harassment by lumpens who 'enjoy' new year by abusing women.
In this regard we invite you all to make this new year a year free of gender violence. Let this new year be the year towards a gender just society. And we believe that this would be the best way to pay tribute to our beloved friend who laid down her life, in her battle against patriarchy.

Come with your protest songs, your poems, paintings, and etc.
Assemble at Central Park near to Rajiv Chowk Gate no 7 
Contact: Sandeep 09868033425, Sucheta (JNU) 09868383692
Farhan (Jamia) 9540124091, Sunny (DU) 09213974505


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