Condolence Resolution

It's a Time for Grief, Mourning and For a Solemn Resolve - To Take the Struggle Forward for a World Where Women Can Have Freedom, Rights and Justice. 
Gather for a Condolence Meeting at 11am, Jantar Mantar.

Condolence Resolution

We condole the sad passing of the brave rape survivor of Delhi, who battled her assailants and her horrendous injuries with so much courage and endurance. We stand by her family in this time of unimaginable grief and mourning.

This is a time for mourning, for inner reflection, and also for a resolve to take the struggle forward for justice, rights, and freedom for women in our society. We all feel immense anger and outrage at the cruel way in which a young woman’s life was taken. It is important that the anger be directed at the root causes of violence against women in society, as well as at the system and institutions that fail to defend women’s right to freedom without fear.

As we approach a sad end to the year, full of grief and anger, let us resolve that the new year to come will be one where we resist discrimination and violence against women in every way – in our homes, on the streets and public spaces, in every institution. Let us declare zero tolerance for discrimination and violence against women, and vow to uproot patriarchal oppression from our society.

Let us unite to demand accountability from the government, police, judiciary. No longer will we tolerate the anti-women statements and policies from those in power. We demand justice, freedom and rights for women!

AIPWA, AISA, RYA, Jan Sanskriti Manch, 
and Many Other Common Students, Women and Men


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