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Punish CPIM Leader Anil Basu for Sexist Abuse

Press Statement , New Delhi, April 24, 2011
Punish CPIM Leader Anil Basu for Sexist Abuse Against Women
While campaigning for the ongoing West Bengal Assembly elections at Hooghly district's Arambagh sub-division, Anil Basu, 7-time CPI(M) MP from Arambagh Constituency in Hooghly district on Friday attacked Mamata Banerjee with crude sexist abuse. In presence of senior party officials and a massive crowd, he compared Mamata Banerjee to the sex workers of Sonagachi. 
Anil Basu's misogynist abuse personifies the patriarchal humiliation to which a woman in public life is repeatedly subjected. Basu may have won 7 elections but he has shown that he cannot deal with politics as politics when women enter it. When it comes to a woman political opponent, he immediately dumps political arguments, and falls back instead on the easy patriarchal staple - attacking their sexuality and branding them as prostitutes. 

During the Singur agitation, too, Anil Basu had declared that if he had his way …