Homage to the Delhi Gangrape Victim










  1. This Uprising should not go Waste

    Yesterday one Girl was saying on TV that our DAMINI was not woman but was an Angle who shook us and our conscience and went back to Heaven.

    Friends I have drafted some suggestions for making strict Laws against all the Crime Against Women.

    Please everyone out there forward these suggestions to Justice Verma Committee.

    The purpose of the new Law should not be only emphasizing on prevention of Rape or Sexual harassment but ensuring over all protection of our women.

    Laws we would like (assuring you that most of the Indian men and all of women would also like to see these amendments).

    For Rape
    1. The Culprit should never get bail
    2. Minimum punishment should be 10 years along with sterilization
    3. In Case of Rape of Minor Girl the punishment should be Life imprisonment along with sterilization to even Capital Punishment.
    4. In Case of Rape with brutality there should be only Capital Punishment

    For Gang Rape
    1. For Gang Rape the minimum Punishment should be Life imprisonment along with sterilization

    Custodian Rape
    1. In Case of Custodian Rape or taken advantage by making the victim scared by showing influence or power the punishment should be Life imprisonment along with sterilization. And in this Case it is also very important that all PF and other monetary benefits for which the Rapist is entitled should be given to the Victim as compensation.

    1. The minimum Punishment for Molestation should be 5 years imprisonment along with monetary fine.
    2. Name and other personal Details should be made Public
    3. Molestation done by Custodian or Senior Official or any employee (School, Hospital, Train, Bus any Institute or any government Department or private establishments). Should be dismissed immediately from Job and all the PF, Pension and other monetary benefits for which the culprit is entitled for should be confiscated.

    Eve Teasing
    1. There should be minimum 2 years imprisonment for Eve teasing.
    2. There should be Monetary fine as well.
    3. Name and other personal Details should be made Public
    4. The offenders should not be entitled to get admission in any institute and should not be entitled for any Government sector Job.

    Female feticide
    1. This should be treated as Murder and same section should apply, the Culprit should never get Bail.

    Filming and Distributing MMS
    1. Any person, who makes MMS and distribute it and all the people distributing it or publishing on Internet, should be entitled for severe punishment of 3-5 years and their name and personal details should be made public.

    Other important points
    • There should be fast Track Court for all these cases
    • Any Police Personal who does not perform his duties in such cases should be made co accused and should be entitled for same punishment
    • Any person who helps in destroying the evidence or redoing the crime scene should also be made co accused and should be entitled for same punishment.
    • Any person who is charged with any Rape or Molestation case should not be allowed to fight elections until proven innocent (as an exception so these Rapist cannot influence the case after becoming MLA/MP) s

  2. May she rest in peace right now sitting beside GOD. The delhi gang rape case is so brutal that it shocked the world and grieving over the girl. Those supects should be hanged for good. But I'm really surprised India has the highest rape case in the world I really don't know what's with the women there they're that even beautiful in my eyes. Maybe because of drug users and some other stuff. I just hope this will stop sooner than later. workmans comp medford oregon


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