Join a Vigil for Freedom Without Fear

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Campaign Against Sexual Violence and Gender Discrimination 

16 January Marks One Month Of That Night Of Horror, When A Young Woman And Her Friend Were Brutally Attacked On A Delhi Bus, Leading To Her Gang Rape, Torture And Eventual Death....

Let Us Keep the Flame Alive...
For Justice, Safety & Gender Equality

On 16 Jan

Join a Vigil for Freedom Without Fear

At Arts Faculty, North Campus, DU,
12 noon Onwards

With Opinions and Interactions, Poetry, Songs, Paintings and Cultural Performances

Maitreyi Pushpa
Arundhati Katju
Vrinda Grover
Urvashi Butalia
Shoma Chaudhury
Kavita Krishnan
Mary John…
Teachers and Students of DU, Jamia, JNU

· Gender-just protocols for filing FIRs and police investigation of crimes against women
· Drafting of robust, gender-just laws in consultation with women's organisations and students, to be passed in a Special Session of Parliament
· Prohibit the obnoxious ‘two-finger test’ for rape
· Ensure more courts and faster trials for sexual violence cases
· Ensure massive expansion of safe public transport for women
· Review and fast-track the more than 1 lakh pending sexual violence cases in the country
· Prohibit any attempts to impose 'moral policing', discriminatory rules and regulations that prevent women from equal access to public spaces and equal rights.
· Withdraw all false cases against protesters

9560756628, 9868034224, 9868383692, 9953736392

Facebook group: Freedom without fear- बेखौफ़ आज़ादी


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