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May Day Tribute to Clara Fraser: Synthesizer of Marxism and feminism

“What better fate can a person carve out than participation in the emancipation of humanity?” Clara Fraser posed this question and answered it by living bravely, with commitment, relish and inimitable style. Fifteen years after her death, Fraser’s life still inspires. And her groundbreaking synthesis of socialism and feminism can be clearly seen as a breakthrough contribution to Marxist thought. 
Fraser always insisted that she had not discovered socialist feminism. It’s true that all the great Marxists advocated women’s liberation. But it was Fraser who showed just how essential the dynamics of sex and race are to the fight for change in the current era. 
The Permanent Revolution meets feminism. Beginning more than a century ago, socialists including Karl Marx, Frederick Engels, V.I. Lenin, Clara Zetkin, and Leon Trotsky showed that women’s emancipation was crucial to the struggle for socialism. 
Still, many leftists regarded the “Woman Question” as divisive and secondary. Female le…